How to make a Backsplash from pallets!

Palm sander
Saw of choice
60grit sandpaper
220grit sandpaper
A lot of pallet pieces: Measuring at 9” (It doesn’t matter about the thickness)
Half as many pieces of 6” and 3” (It doesn’t matter about the thickness)
½” Plywood depending on how big you need your backsplash
Wood glue

What next?

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Sand all pallet wood with a 60git palm sander
Go over again with a 220grit sandpaper to give it a smooth feel
Cut into sizes then sand again using the 220grit paper to smooth it over

Attach pieces to the ply wood with wood glue alternating the size at the start of every line as demonstrated in the video. Also don’t put the same colour pieces next to each other

Now it is time to stain! The stain being applied is Dark Walnut Danish Oil. Spread this all over to give it some colour

Now all you need to do is attach It to your wall temporary so it is easy to move if you ever need to get to the back or move it.

Full Video Below:

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